Katie's Biography
  Katie visits a school in Wisconsin
Half of forever: that’s how long Katie McKy has been telling stories. She started as a kid, under her covers, telling stories to her siblings by flashlight.

“They had to be short stories,” McKy says. “Otherwise, we’d faint from heat exhaustion.”

As a teacher, Katie McKy told stories to explain everything from long division to tornadoes.

“Tell us another story, Miss McKy!” her students said.

And she did. Now, she tells stories to hundreds thousands of kids in hundreds and hundreds of schools. She also teaches kids how to write and she writes for many magazines.

McKy says, “Last year, magazines paid me to go fishing, to play at water parks, and to get spa treatments. I have the second best job in the world. Some days, I sit at home in my pjs and write. Other days, I get to make kids laugh and slide a couple writing tricks their way.”

What’s the world’s best job?

“Is there someone who’s a taste tester for Ben and Jerry’s Monday through Friday and then is a roller coaster critic on the weekends? That’s what I want. However, if I have to taste test the ice cream and ride the roller coaster at the same time, I’ll remain a writer.” read more >
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