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And at lunchtime, I’d eat with the kids and they’d see my cheese and say, “May I have some of your cheese, please?”

Well, I happened to like my cheese, so I said, “How about a story instead?”

So, in science class, social studies class, math class, and even in the lunchroom, I told stories.

You see, practice is everything. If you practice basketball enough, you can dribble on a buffalo’s back. (Well, maybe, but don’t try it!)

You can swish a three-pointer in a snowstorm and even if you miss, you’ll be able to say, “Swished it!” and people won’t know otherwise, because they won’t be able to see the rim.

And if you practice storytelling enough, you can tell a story about brushing your teeth and people will say, “Hey! Tell us that story about brushing your teeth again! I love that one!”

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