It All Began with a Bean
illus. by Tracy Hill
Tanglewood Press, 2009
ISBN 978-1933718217 (hc)
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It All Began with a Bean


What happens when, one day, a dropped bean is devoured by ten flies, and hundreds of dogs eat cheese fallen from a truck, and thousands of runners begin gulping air, and all the people at home that morning have eggs for breakfast, and then they all fart at once? This hilarious book answers that intriguing question, as readers learn of the after-effects of the world's biggest fart.


If there is one subject that reduces all children to giggles, it is farting. In this imaginative picture book, inspired by a second grader's question, McKy explores what would happen if everyone and everything farted at once. McKy's book focuses on a topic that adults usually find embarrassing, annoying or try to ignore. For a child however, little is as amusing as that sound. While this may not have universal appeal, for a reluctant reader (in particular the boys) this may be just the right choice. Tracy Hill's full page, colorful and cartoon-like illustrations are just perfect for the story.

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