It All Began with a Bean
illus. by Tracy Hill
Tanglewood Press, 2009
ISBN 978-1933718217 (hc)
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It All Began with a Bean


It All Began with a Bean is a delightfully whimsical picturebook exploration of what would happen if 5 flies feasted on beans, 15 pigeon dined on raisins, 45 cats chomped on cheese, 135 dogs woofed down potato chips, thousands of kids (and their teachers!) chewed bubble gum, half a million people ate eggs, a million fish swam through soda, and more than a million people gulped big breaths before a race—and then they all farted at the same time. Katie McKy's original story is wonderfully illustrated by Tracy Hill—the result is a modern classic that will thoroughly engage the imaginations of young readers ages 4 to 8 from beginning to end.

It All Began With a Bean is a very silly, slightly naughty story that kids four to eight will enjoy either having read to them or reading themselves, depending on their age. It incorporates the elements of a good kid’s story, lots of big numbers, lots of animals, and a storm of flatulence that is hilarious. Even the skunks have to hold their noses! The author has taught school for 20 years, so she knows her audience well and the illustrator has a gift for capturing the fun of the story.

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