Pumpkin Town
illus. by Pablo Bernasconi
Houghton Mifflin, 2006
ISBN 978-0618605699 (hc)
ISBN 978-0547181936 (pb)
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Wolf Camp

... or Nothing is Better, and Worse, Than Pumpkins


One pumpkin makes a tasty pie. Two pumpkins can be carved into grinning jack-o’-lanterns, and a couple hundred more make for a decent pumpkin patch. Gather one thousand pumpkins and you’ll have a grand fall festival.

But what happens when a town has an accidental abundance of pumpkins?

What do José and his brothers do with a mountain of pumpkins? An explosion of pumpkins? Step into Pumpkin Town and see!

Behind the Book

As a teacher, Katie McKy saw many children make mistakes. She also saw many children want to make their wrongs right. Had she allowed it, some kids would have worked all night to fix their mistakes. As a gardener, Katie once planted too many pumpkin seeds. She saw that a good thing can be a bad thing when the vines start to twine every which way. So, Katie twined what she learned from children and what she learned from the garden to write Pumpkin Town! 

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