Pumpkin Town
illus. by Pablo Bernasconi
Houghton Mifflin, 2006
ISBN 978-0618605699 (hc)
ISBN 978-0547181936 (pb)
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Wolf Camp

... or Nothing is Better, and Worse, Than Pumpkins


Some randomly tossed seeds spawn a village all covered in orange and green. Jose and his four brothers and his dad grow pumpkins for a living . . . At reaping time, they save the good seeds to plant again, and father tells them to sell the rest. Instead, the brothers take them to a field overlooking the town and toss them; a big wind does the rest. The following spring, the town is engulfed in curlicue vines and big orange fruit. It takes an all-night operation by all five brothers to get rid of the pumpkins. All celebrate with watermelons, and before you know it. . . . Bernasconi's bright illustrations, collaged original art with found objects, have a nice three-dimensional pop. A fun fable with Halloween overtones.

Most picture books entertain. The really good ones leave readers thinking. This children's book combines beautiful artwork with a story that will long linger in readers’ hearts and minds. This is a fun read. What child, as Halloween approaches, wouldn't thrill to the thought of a town overrun by giant pumpkins? It's also visually captivating, with bright orange, purple and green collage art.

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