illus. by Bonnie Leick
Tanglewood Press, 2009
ISBN 978-1933718217
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There's a real Wolf Camp in Puyallup, Washington!
Wolf Camp


In a delightful mix of intrigue and humor, a young girl named Maddie goes to a Wolf Camp and comes back with disturbing new habits-wolf-like habits. Kids will be fascinated with the idea of transformation into an animal, and parents will recognize the sense of change their children undergo at summer camp.


Summer camp can change a child. But when Maddie upon returning home from Camp Wolf starts snapping at flies, howls at fire trucks, and chases squirrels on all fours, that's not the kind of change her mother is comfortable with! Does Maddie have an overly active imagination or is something else going on? "Wolf Camp" combines the deft writing of Katie McKy with the superbly drawn illustrations of Bonnie Leick to create an original, entertaining, lively, highly recommended picturebook story that will thoroughly delight young readers ages 4 to 8.

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